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National Industrial Fastener and Mill Supply Expo Launches New Website

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The National Industrial Fastener and Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE) announced the arrival of its new, user-friendly web site,

The new site provides extensive content and round-the- clock access to industry professionals who want to either sign up to exhibit at the show or attend as a buyer. Thesite will also serve as a hub for industry professionals who seek the latest news andhappenings in the fastener industry.

Acquired by Emerald Expositions last year, NIFMSE is now backed by a powerhouse in the trade show world and with its resources NIFMSE can now offer its participants a contemporary website with features such as travel accommodations (including discounted hotel rates, directions and transportation instructions), conference schedules, floor map,press registration, up-to- date vendor list, speaker sign- up sheet, mobile app download information, social media portals, show overview and FAQ pages, as well as easy and convenient attendee and exhibitor registration options.

“The potential to reinvigorate our industry is right at our fingertips, and that’s exactly what we are doing with the launch of the new website,” said Linh Vu, marketing director.

“We’re pumping life back into what has been a tired scene for quite some time. People are now able to engage with the show in a way they have never before been able to, and that’s what makes this so exciting!”


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